Oishí (Japanese) - {better, best,
happy and blessed}
Special type of tomato, Japanese origin

Enjoy the great umami taste of this unique deep red cherry tomato

What is umami taste?
About OishiiTom

The deep red cherry tomato with origins in Japan that tastes as good as it looks.

The deep red colour, the sweet and savoury taste made it special and attracted the attention from many growers all over the world. This flavour and colour combination was not yet available in the market and would be very new to the US and European market.

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Oishiitom tomatoes taste great straight from the vine, in a salad or cooked. We get great chutney recipies we will share and even tomato jam is made. Please enjoy Oishitom in any way you like.

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umami taste

What exactly is umami?

One of the five basic tastes – alongside salty, sweet, sour, and bitter – umami is best described as a savory flavour. OishiiTom Tomatoes are unique in that their umami flavour is perfectly balanced with a sweetness typically tasted in a Cherry or Grape Tomato.

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Growing OishiiTom

OishiiTom are vine-ripened, which is essential in achieving their remarkably rich flavor and maximum freshness. Once they reach peak ripeness, Oishitom is harvested on the vine. However you choose to enjoy your OishiiTom you’ll taste a delicious Tomato that was grown with incredible care!

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