Oishí (Japanese) - {better, best,
happy and blessed}
Special type of tomato, Japanese origin


developed in the Netherlands

The Oishiitom was originally bred for the Japanese market, which views exceptional produce as a gift of honour

A Japanese company was looking for a deep red cherry tomato that looks beautiful on the vine and at the same time has a very distinctive taste.

They couldn't find anyone who could create the flavor they were looking for, until they met Arie van de Windt. Arie is a very experienced breeder, who ultimately developed the OishiiTom in the Netherlands.

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arie van der windt

Introduced in 2020

OishiiTom was introduced to various growers all over the world in 2020 and we explained that it was not just any tomato, it had a very special story behind it.

Very new to the US and European market

The deep red colour, the sweet and savoury taste made it special and attracted the attention from many growers all over the world.
This flavour and colour combination was not yet available in the market and would be very new to the US and European market.

Eating with your eyes

Deep red, feast for your eyes, but once you tasted them you are hooked.
That’s why we named the product OishiiTom: the Japanese Oishii translates to: better, best, happy and blessed.
They look better than any other variety, taste the best, you will be happy eating them, you even feel blessed.


Growing OishiiTom

OishiiTom are vine-ripened, which is essential in achieving their remarkably rich flavor and maximum freshness. Once they reach peak ripeness, Oishitom is harvested on the vine. However you choose to enjoy your OishiiTom you’ll taste a delicious Tomato that was grown with incredible care!

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